20. To Forgive is Divine

@Welimada, Uva Province, Sri Lanka.

When the first idea was to finish this place as a random location on the way to Bandarawela adding the Divurumpola Temple as a part of it, that was a wrong idea from my side. Not just because it is holy site for two parties; not just because it had heavy tourist value added to it. There are many sides to it, two of them visible in the first look itself and a few other sides which most of the common men doesn’t see. One of them is the Agni Pariksha of Sita, which stands for purification; in this universe of evil, it’s significance is high; the evil which eats the brain of people has gained so much power that there is the need for that purification, especially of the soul. It is always the good people who suffer; the goodness in man always works against him as evil is any day more able on Earth as it got no morals or that conscience, a feeling which I gained as a kid when watching Spider-man who was my favourite superhero of that time. Every good person suffers some kind of Agni Pariksha in his life; but the evil ones always avoid it, may be until they rot in hell. The worst thing to suffer shall be their tongue for their foul language, for all the bad words they used; and for they lack respect for their fellow human beings and thinks with a bag of selfishness attached to the back of their spinal chord which feeds them their daily dose of impure words and actions.

The other side of the temple is of course the Buddhist side of peace and non-violence. More than that, the Four Noble Truths have always been in out History text books from the school days itself, but what have we learned from them? It was for exams for most of them, but then I wouldn’t consider than as education, it would be the prerequisite for a future job, or may just something you want to boast about. Any education that doesn’t change man in a good way wouldn’t be fit to be called by that name. But unfortunately, that continues to happen and people goes on to be monsters of pleasure. When one knows that desire is the root cause of suffering, there should have been a need to stop the madness, but people are so much into getting caught in the evil way of the world when they should aim out of it. One should be good, one should be oneself; one should be a good oneself and abstain from evil; otherwise what is the point of being educated and civilized? If being selfish is what living in a society happens to be, whats the point of the whole thing? If one person can’t see from the perspective of another person, it is his failure; not considering others as the same as himself with flesh, blood and feelings is his clear failure.

Welimada was a peaceful place and the Noble Eightfold Path was more needed back in India. Forget the new religious intolerance and terrorism which has risen in some parts of the nation as it is not wide spread; what about the exact meaning of commitment to non-violence or harmlessness towards other living beings? Do people really think that they gain anything by individiual violence? That too in the nation of Mahathma Gandhi? The father of our nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi might be more respected and followed outside the nation; what do we do instead of his teaching of truth and non-violence? What happens these days is just crystal clear nonsense, as we can see that himself, Lord Buddha and Jesus Christ, they all taught that peace which is non-existant for now. It is as if we should burn the daily news papers rather than read it. There is no tolerance; not religious, political or anything. I have been thinking about importing news papers from Sri Lanka; it would have that essence of peace; even on the road, there are those slow moving, careful vehicles and the lack of foul mouthed people. I have never had a more peaceful and safer journey.

What people has the most need to import is The Right speech; as these people who go around calling people names and using bad words anywhere needs it. They abuse, they refrain from truth and they deceive with their foul tongue. This is non-violence in speech which has cursed our lands. You go around with your vehicle and people can always make enough mistakes to jump in front of you with or without their pathetic transportation which they can’t drive. But they will always blame you as they are too evil to be happy and thank God that they survived; they are selfish and can’t even accept half or a quarter of it as their mistake. They lack the gift of forgiveness; they can’t move on and they have to run their mouth, may be it is in their blood, but still one has to be another entity separate from his ancestors. They are the satanic ones; they are anti-social; depending on every bad word they used, they should be rated less or more evil. At the end of the day, they are the people who do circus on road and they are the ones who are not careful at all. They are the ones causing their own accidents too. These people need a new kind of tooth paste and brush which could clean their mouths. I would go to Sri Lanka just to escape from these demons in human form.

Back to the temple, they had beautiful statues of Lord Buddha in there, all put there in a line as if they were to be sold to devotees or other small temples. These statues of stone looked so enchanting and reminded me of how sad the Enlightened one would be, if was with us at this moment, especially in India; and for Kerala, there would have been the need for so many people like him. It is a situation where the society has taken so many things from the West, but most of them not good or suiting India. Most of the bad things are always taken and the good things left behind; where has this got the society? A society infested by so many anti-social elements who are foul mouthed, always angry and cursing with a hand ready for punching even the elders, as well as those loafers who bother people, especially of the other sex. These groups can’t forgive and forget and they clearly doesn’t have the divine gift to forgive. They are forsaken by the higher being and their afterlife is surely damned. We have to feel for their parents though; but after they reach the other world, that would not be much of a problem as it is a different world and they will no longer be parents and sons; no damned soul deserves to be the off-spring of man, the blessed creature with reason.

The caves used by Ravana to hide Sita Devi are also near this place. All these caves were kind of unexplored as the tourist flow was just beginning. But it wasn’t that much of a cave for me compared to how it was back in my lands. After I returned from Sri Lanka, I was between some people who behaved like cavemen or even worse. These future Neanderthal men who are taking so much time to evolve, are clearly destroying our nation’s reputation, especially that of our state as they drive like The Flintstones or even much worse and uses random abuse which would ashame some real cavemen. As much as I do hope and pray for change in them, I wish they never go to Sri Lanka and affect that wonderful island nation which their evil. Ceylon has always been a paradise, no matter how much it is torn by the Civil Wars. It will surely come back and be restored to it’s former glory. But when I look at my own lands, we are blessed with so many things and advantages of being at the right place, but it is ruined by people; their selfishness and I would most of all, their inability to forgive. There should be peace; there should be non-violence; for these to exist there is the need for forgiveness especially for unintentional mistakes. Just one perspective is never enough. But with the online world getting stronger and also spreading it’s own share of hatres and violence, the hope for peace is kind of low.

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