23. Tea is Never Enough

@Ramanattukara, Kerala, India.

The journey to Calicut, that trip which happened with quick and ease had a history which covered more distance. The trip’s major portion had a heavy role at Ramanattukara. The significance of tea was still there; to be frank, it was all about tea there too. The legend of tea has unknown origins in my life, as it was sometime during my early school time, when we were travelling and I was told not to drink anything not boiled, to save myself from any possible disease spread through water. On that random day, the legend of the tea had set it’s first step into glory; on that wonderful day, tea had come to my life to stay forever, more than five times a day. Even as I do think that there is caffeine addiction and possiblity of some future problem if I overdo it, tea is life; or may be life of soul. There is no life without it, as it is the source of energy; the right source which you find on Earth. It can be considered as a drink from heaven or the God’s gift to mankind. There is so much about tea that whatever you say about it will pale in comparison. Tea is not just something you can get for Rs.5; it is not something you drink because it is cheap, even if it is one of those reasons you consider.

We have believed in tea all the time which makes us the better people of this world. Tea is the basis of not only the individual glory, but also that of friendship. Best friends are those who have tea together. This theory was proved without doubt at Ramanattukara; there only the location changed as the essence of tea remained the same. Tea is beyond all limitations, those restrictions even of time and place; it has lived to see the seasons change as the world itself undergo a mighty transformation, from a wonderful world with lovely aesthetic sense to a world ruled by mindless science and mechanical routine. But this great drink still remained the same, as coffee became more of a drink of modernity, tea held it’s ground. Tea remained what it always been; the common man’s drink and what lived with him and gave him the right inspiration. The confidence and the inspiration that the tea gives is what the world needs now. Tea provides people with that inner feeling which is beyond any normal drink; it is your guide who believes in you more than anybody; it is a silent listener inside you and it inspires you to that level which is the right stage where you are to be at.

On these worrying times when the price of tea is on the increase as if it is petrol, I would go back to that place called Ramanattukara which was a peaceful place indeed. But what made that place get into this travel blog of mine were those few days of tea. It were the days of too much tea or enough tea considering what your level of ‘tea drinking’ happens to be. In my opinion though, tea is never enough unless some voice from inside tells you to stop. It can vary from five cups a day to nineteen of them, but it is not really enough until the feeling comes. Sometimes, the tea chooses you, and the times when you choose tea is the time when the satisfaction level is low. But at Ramanattukara, it was the tea expert, the master of all tea, the tea’s own Double T who made the tea. He indeed is a perfect tea maker, as certified by me for a week. It is not like Kato of Green Hornet or something, but it was about those cups of tea which exceeded expectations and those were the cups of tea which inspired me to make my own tea; they were not that good though. My lazy methods of making tea was never really digested by the wonderful drink and it remained with a bad taste all the time.

Those were the days of many trips and sitting idle and watching television as if many lives depended on it. But tea stood out; it stayed powerful and with a pilgrim soul which it passed onto it’s drinkers, it moved with the world; it knew what to do and when to intervene, as it was sent to this universe for man. It was encountered on many occasions during various journeys around Ramanattukara, Beypore and Calicut in different tastes and almost all of them were good. The only thing which came close would be porotta. As vegetarianism prevailed in me at that time, there was no chance of going for the non vegetarian things which would try to compete with tea. As the town is located close to Calicut International Airport as well as the Feroke railway station, travelling was to be easy, but our transportation was still a four wheeler which was witness to many more tea parties which took place around. It had also witnessed many more of those parties going on around Central Kerala and when the opportunity came, it was there to witness what happened with tea in the Northern Kerala too.

This was what happened after that visualization of Greece through the history which occured in my mind, and it just got stronger with more time spent at the new place. Tea always accelerates your progress; it gives you he strength to do the right thing without that hesitation which always gets a hold on you. Here, tea accelerated history upto an extent that the next book was ready to be read. England, France, Spain, Russia, Norway, Prussia and the Holy Roman Empire were all ready and there was such an aggression in the reading process that everything increased at a pace which gave more spare time. Socrates, Plato, Pericles, Leonidas and Alexander the Great made way for Nepolean, Isabella, Charlmagne and Barbarossa within no time. It was guided by tea, as the influence of the drink made those kingdoms and empires work in a way which was a better thing for me. It was the time when tea also went through history and upto an extent, through literature. Although the latter was less physically present at that moment, it was slowly getting connected as days passed. By the end of the time there, the stage was set for the next level of history and a heavy dose of literature which could follow soon.

Drinking tea is not actually the need of tea, it is your own need. People die, but tea will live forever; it will continue to make people feel that wonderful taste which is far more superior than any other drink. The fact is that the other drinks are just inferior things which carve for undeserved attention; they are the parasites of your body and soul; they give you nothing but some temporary relief from thirst. While all those drinks remain mindless creatures, tea remains the master of souls; it is whatever is left righteous in this world; as we know that there is not much left good or enough goodness left in this universe. Tea is the solution to most of the problems; but people need to drink it and remain free of sin. The fact is that tea unites people; it is that source of friendship which grows in you; it is the sign of brotherhood. There is no hatred in the world of tea; it gives you better inner peace than Kungfu Panda ever had, as long as you believe. From those days at Ramattukara, my belief in tea increased in level; it widened the scope of tea and it was a clear upgrade which didn’t cost much.

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