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I travel where I want to. I read what I want to. I am bound by my own choices. I believe Solomon Kane and Constantine are the greatest movies ever. For me Sourav Ganguly and Roger Federer are the greatest sportsmen in their respective fields. I play Badminton like Tennis. I am semi-vegetarian by choice. I don’t believe in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight vampires. I believe in Anne Rice vampires, the ones we saw in Interview With The Vampire; the ones made legendary by Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas. I write what I write when I want to write. None of my works will serve you as a guide or a review, as it is just about random things and places. This is my life, my way. If you have a problem with it, kindly don’t read. You always have that choice. Just remember that this is my yard and if you don’t like it my way, you are not invited. I am just another person and there is no motive behind my writing; I am no specialist and I can write only what I heard and what comes to my mind. Thank You.

* I am far away from perfection; so forgive me for errors if any. This is not your source of information as I can always go wrong from another person’s viewpoint; if you don’t like it, kindly consider it fiction.

Diving out —>



12 responses to “✠ About ✠

  1. I really like your Kerala Blog…:)
    Since I’m from Kerala, n since I’ve been to all those places, it feels really great to read about them from a travellers perspective… May be, I never gave due attention to places that were closer to me…

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